" Aum "

Shri Siddeshwar Brahmrishi Gurudev ji preaches that “Spirituality is the main source to attain real peace & happiness in life” thus inspire us to seek the path of spirituality. He learned “Dhyaan Yoga” & Divine Siddhis from Yogiraj Devaraha Baba & activated his Divine Chakras or Kundalini. His divine preachings have touched a million lives through The World Spiritual Awareness Forum.


ॐ is a sanskrit word comprising of three sounds A, U and M and is universally believed to be the symbol of the Cosmic energy. When used by way of reciting, chanting or writing, it generates energetic vibrations that connect us with the vibrations of the Cosmic and Supreme power.

Sri Brahmrishi Gurudev through His extensive research strongly advocates the practise of writing 'ॐ' on one's own forehead and on the forehead of others twice a day for our wellbeing and upliftment in all ways. Many People who practise this faithfully have experienced is benefits in various ways.

This Practise of writing ॐ is not religious but is Spiritual in nature and aims at activating the cosmic energy that lies dormant within us. This practise is invaluable since it helps generate positive vibrations within and around us. It benefits us throughout our lives and yet takes just a few seconds every day.

Benefits of Writing ॐ

1. Avert Accidental Death.

2. Avert brain haemorrhage.

3. Helps in avoiding Anger.

4. Help us enhance our knowledge.

5. Helps in strengthening the memory.

6. All "Gyan-Indriyas" will function more effectively.

7. Arises and brightens our destiny.

8. Increases our efficiency to take right decisions.

We should write ॐ on our forehead twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.